Sep 12, 2016

COUNCIL MINUTES - Sept 12, 2016

of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta
held in the Wembley Municipal Office 
this 12th day of September, 2016.


  1. CALL-TO-ORDER   Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

    Councillor Holler

    Councillor Jones

    Councillor Moncrieff

    Councillor Johnson

    Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux

    Absent:  Councillor Anaka 

    Leave of absence: Councillor Robichaud


    MOTION # 2016-0187

    Moved by Councillor Johnson that the agenda be adopted with the deletion of: Reports 9.9 – Minutes of the Wembley Fire Department meeting held on September 8, 2016.




    MOTION # 2016-0188

    3.1               Moved by Councillor Johnson that the minutes of the regular meeting held August 22, 2016 be adopted as presented.               

    CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY                                                


    4.1               7:30 p.m. – Parks and Recreation Director – Christina Ketchum

    • Discussion was held regarding the Parks and Recreation boards request for use of the remaining money in the Parks reserve.
    • Christina explained that out of the $180,000.00 in the reserve Council had already allocated the use of $100,000.00 to be available for matching grants and development and repairs for Sunset Park, Ducky Park, Martin Hein Court and the Sports Field in phases, being the volleyball courts and bike track.
    • The board had requested that an additional $75,000.00 be available for matching grants for the Field House.
    • Christina noted that the idea of the field house has become more elaborate to include a gymnasium, office space, concession and change rooms.  More of a multi- use, multi -sport facility.
    • Christina clarified that the board was only requesting use of the funds should a matching grant be obtained.
    • Christina noted that the capital projects that Parks and Recreation is focusing on currently are, an Archery Building, Parks and Walking Trails, Playgrounds and the Multi Sports Complex.
    • Discussion was held regarding the Archery Building.
      • Christina has been in talks with the Valhalla Archery Club which is currently not operating.
      • Council discussed the idea of a building, location options and requirements of such facility.
      • There is currently no time frame on this project as Valhalla has not made a final decision as to their intentions.
      • Christina asked Council for clear direction on her job description stating that she is unclear as to whether her focus should be administrative duties or more hands on projects.
        • Council advised that they will have a discussion with the CAO and then get back to her with some direction.

    4.2               8:00 p.m. – Football Club – Lionel Robins

    • Lionel Robins introduced himself as the new project lead for the lighting project being done by the West Country Lightening Football Association on the Wembley field.
    • Mr. Robins also noted that he is the Chair for the 2018 Summer Games that are being hosted in Grande Prairie.
    • Mr. Robins has been with the association for twenty one years and this year has given his four year notice of resignation stating this will be his last term with the club.
    • Mr. Robins explained that the lighting project had started approximately three years ago and the club to date has raised $160,000.00 of a $210,000.00 project. 
    • The lighting project was originally slated for completion in 2017 however with the upcoming 2018 Sumer Games it was decided to move quicker on the project.
    • A project manager was assigned (volunteer parent) but due to lack of experience and knowledge the project was more than they could handle and it moved forward unorganized and with a shortfall in funding.
    • Mr. Robins expressed sincere gratitude towards both the Public Works Foreman, Aaron Halwa and the Parks and Recreation Director, Christina Ketchum noting that they had both been extremely helpful in picking up the pieces and getting this project on track.
    • The Football Association has since been able to borrow the necessary funding for project completion and all arrangements have been made.
    • Mr. Robins noted that Wembley now hosts the first lit bantam age football field in Western Canada.
    • The association is strong and growing.
    • The Wembley field will be used to host the 2018 Summer Games and are expecting to draw thousands of visitors into Wembley.
    • The opening ceremonies for the games will be held at the Phillip J Currie Museum and have tentatively booked Prince Harry for the opening Ceremonies.
    • Mr. Robins noted that the association is looking into the possibility of resurfacing the field and once they have the necessary specs in order they will approach Council and Public Works about the project.
    • Mayor Turnmire requested that the association provide the Town Office with an updated contact list of their Board.
    • Mr. Robins thanked Council for their time and their patience with the lighting project and noted they look forward to working with the Town on upcoming projects.
    • Excused at 8:45 p.m.



    5.1       Accounts Payable

    MOTION # 2016-0189

    Moved by Councillor Johnson that the accounts payable, as identified in Schedule “A”, cheque number 20160883 to 20160946 in the amount of $314,456.67 be ratified.                                     CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    5.2       MOTION # 2016-0190

    Moved by Councillor Holler that the Revenue & Expense Statement and the Monthly Statement for the month of August 2016 be accepted as presented.



  6. BY-LAWS

    6.1               None


    7.1               None


    8.1               Financial assistance request to County of Grande Prairie No. 1 for the Fire Rescue Truck.

    • Brief discussion about the letter submitted by Fire Chief Matt Smith regarding the new Fire Rescue Truck.

    MOTION # 2016-0191

    Moved by Councillor Johnson that the following reports be accepted as information.                                                       CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY                                                            

    9.1       Minutes of the Public Works/Water Committee meeting held on September 7, 2016.

    • Brief discussion regarding Public Works involvement with the football field lighting project.
    • Discussion regarding the dog waste stations, CAO to advise Public Works of their responsibilities with regards to the installation and maintenance of these stations.

    9.2       Minutes of the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting held on August 16, 2016.

    • Brief discussion regarding the direction of the Field House.
    • Council would like to have Christina review the attendance of the board members and see if they are still qualified to be on the board.

    9.3       County Enforcement and Animal Control reports for the month of August.

    9.4       Minutes of the GPREP Planning and Coordinating meeting held on June 9, 2016.

    9.5       Minutes of the Canada’s 150 Birthday Celebrations Committee meeting held on August 10, 2016.

    • Mayor Turnmire noted that Councillor Anaka was absent from this meeting.

    9.6       Minutes of the Grande Spirit Foundation Management Committee meeting held on June 24, 2016.

    9.7       Minutes of the West Grande Prairie County Regional Landfill meeting held on June 21, 2016.

    9.8       Notes from the South Peace Physician Attraction and Retention Committee meeting held on August 25, 2016.


    10.1           Atco Gas and Pipeline Ltd. – Franchise Agreement

    • Accepted as information.

    10.2           Northern Gateway – Resolution for AUMA

    MOTION # 2016-0192

    Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the Town of Wembley support a collaborative motion to show support for the Northern Gateway Project through a resolution at the upcoming AUMA conference in October urging the Alberta government to 1) voice support the Northern Gateway Project and 2) calling on Alberta to further ask the Federal government to engage in additional Indigenous consultation.                                                 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


    10.3           Beaverlodge Health Care Task Force – email from Bill McKennan

    • Council accepts as information.

    11.1           Lighting at the Wembley Sports Field ( Mayor Turnmire)

    • Addressed during delegation

    12.1     None


    Councillor Holler

    • Attended What’s up Wembley? – good turnout of people
    • There was a good turnout for the parade.  Approximately twenty five floats participated.
    • Reminder about the Wembley Arts Culture and Heritage Fall Supper on October 22, 2016.

    Councillor Jones

    • Attended the Dino Ball, it was a great time.

    Councillor Moncrieff

    • Ran the Parks and Recreation booth at the Demolition Derby, it was a good day with a great turnout.
    • Requested to participate in the Water West Steering Committee.
    • Attended the Dino Ball and it was excellent.

    Councillor Johnson

    • Attend the GPREP Planning meetings.
    • Attended the Dino Ball and the Demolition Derby and both were great events.
    • Attended the 9/11 Ceremony, Wembley was the most represented fire department there with seven members in attendance.
    • Sends regrets for the next Council meeting on September 26, 2016.

    Mayor Turnmire

    • Happy about the Federal Government announcement regarding funding for the waterline.
    • Attended the What’s up Wembley? – Slightly smaller turnout but the trade show style set up is very good.
    • Mentions to the Public Works Department for doing a good job in road closures for the parade.

    MOTION # 2016-0193

    Moved by Councillor Johnson that the meeting be adjourned at 8:54 p.m.

                                                                                  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY