Dec 15, 2016

Your New Water and Sewer Bill

As of January 1, 2017, residents will begin receiving a bill for their household’s total water consumption.

What are the rates?

As of January 1, 2017, residents will begin receiving a bill for their household's total water consumption,

based on cubic meters used.

To calculate the cost of your bill, we take the total amount of water used and multiply it by the current

water and wastewater rates.

What are the rates?

The Residential Rate is $1.47 per cubic meter of water.

The Non-Residential Consumption Rate is $1.616 per cubic meter of water.

Wastewater rates is $1.18 per cubic of water consumed.

Any consumer that has not had a water meter installed at their residence will be charged a flat rate of

$120.00 for water and $80.00 for sewer per month. The cost of the water meter and water meter

installation be will be charged to the property owner.

What are fixed rates?

Fixed rates for both water and sewer are charged even if you do not use any water. These help cover the

costs of maintaining the water and wastewater systems.

Why charge for usage instead of a flat rate?

Up until January 2017 each household has been charged $40 for water and $25 for wastewater each

month no matter how much water was used.

Charging for usage is fair. Residents who use less water will incur the benefits of a lower bill. Households

who use more will see this reflected on their monthly bill. However, you can take control of your water

usage. Making even small changes, you will be able to conserve water and save money each month.

Metering will allow us to identify leaks much easier. Higher than normal water usage can indicate leak

that can be fixed.

If we are able to conserve more water we increase savings, put less stress on our water infrastructure,

require fewer repairs and actually extend the life of municipal water infrastructure.