May 18, 2017

Notice of Sour Gas Well Flaring

Surface Location: 10-9-71-8 W6M

Estimate equipment arrival on site: May 22, 2017

Estimated flare start date: May 29, 2017

Completions will be arriving on site to stimulate 2 wells on this pad. This well is expected to be sour. 24 hour operations will be conducted. Completion activity likely to start in mid to late-May, with a frac start date of approx. May 29. Expect a 2 week period of heavy traffic during this time. Once fracing is complete coil tubing will be used to mill out the wells. After coil tubing is done the wells will be flowed back to production. Intermittent flaring will be expected from June 9th and last for approximately 30 days. Flare permit and dispersion model will be acquired before starting operations.


Town of Wembley Flaring Notice

Encana Activity Update