Nov 13, 2018

Upcoming Election Candidate Bio

Upcoming Election Candidate Biographies

Robin Herrington

Jessica Guimond

Hello, my name is Robin Herrington and I have lived in Wembley for over 12 years. I moved to Grande Prairie from Victoria in 1998 to start anew after being in the military and serving overseas peacekeeping with the United Nations. Once out of the military, I then attended college for heavy duty mechanics. My last 7 years I lived in Victoria, I was in Victoria Search and Rescue. Their mandate was Urban Heavy Rescue and Ground Search; I made it to the next level of Search Manger and Rope Rescue Team leader. It was important to me to be on the front lines helping people and their families to safety and find closure with whatever situation we were given.

What drew me to Wembley is the small town feel and knowing your neighbour. That sense of community and closeness you can only find in a small town. I have been a member in good standing with the Wembley Snowmobile Club for 6+ years, volunteering, cleaning and grooming trails out and around Wembley, so families and the like may enjoy our wonderful area and all it has to offer. I have found some issues with living in town that I feel can be improved upon and instead of just standing by and complaining, felt I should be part of the solution. I am hoping to find some common ground resolution to the ongoing train noise, while keeping with encouraging new business and growth in the community. Safety is also a big concern and maintaining a place where residents and their families can feel safe to live and call home. Wembley is where my wife and I have chosen to keep our roots and build a life while growing friendships in and around the local area.

I am running for council to actively help my community in any way I can and to assist in attracting new business, residents and services to our town, so it can flourish and grow. I truly feel our town has much to offer to growing families and those retiring the like.

I work 8 days on 6 days off for CNRL in the Wembley field so would have the time to commit to being on council as well as other boards to help our community flourish and find resolution for the good of all citizens that call this home.


Robin Herrington


Hello fellow residents of Wembley,

For whomever that does not know me, I am Jessica Guimond. Some of you make recognize me by my maiden name Schoendorfer. I have been a resident of Wembley for 30 plus years. I have raised my three children here and have loved doing so in the small community of Wembley.

I have volunteered at the Helen E. Taylor parent council board as president for 2 years. At this present time, I am volunteering as treasurer for the Wembley AG Society.

Being part of these community boards have inspired me by seeing how much a small-town community works as a unit. Seeing how this community has grown has made me passionate to try to make a difference. I would be honored and grateful to be a part of helping our community grow further and thrive. When a small community works as one, so much more can be accomplished.

The reasons that have inspired me to run for the position on the council don't just reflect how I want to make a change but also how I see the world in my everyday life. I would like to see more of the many groups in Wembley join together and participate in our community. As the town of Wembley has grown and residents have settled, people have segregated themselves into their own groups. In order for this town to stay connected and thrive, we need to come back together to help one another.

The time I can input and put it in all my efforts can be evenings, weekends and any community events and gatherings such as holidays. Although that may not come across as a lot of time, I can promise my best efforts and all my heart and creativity will be put into the moments I have to give to the council.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Jessica Guimond.