Jun 10, 2019

Council Minutes Jun 10

MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF COUNCIL of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta held in the Wembley Municipal Office this 10th day of June 2019.


Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

  • CAO Noreen Zhang
  • Councillor Gundersen
  • Councillor McCallum
  • Councillor Johnson
  • Councillor Underwood
  • Councillor Guimond


MOTION # 2019-0172
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the agenda be adopted with the following additions:

11.6 - Email from Sarah Roberts.

11.7 - County of Grande Prairie, Business Support Network-Cannabis in the workplace, workshop.

12.1 - Closed Session regarding a Human Resources matter. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


3.1 Minutes of the Regular meeting of Council held on May 27, 2019.

MOTION # 2019-0173
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the minutes of the Regular meeting of Council held on May 27, 2019 be adopted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


4.1 None


5.1 Revenue and Expense Statement and Monthly Report for May 2019.

MOTION # 2019-0174
Moved by Councillor Gunderson that Council approve the Revenue and Expense Statement and Monthly Report for May 2019 as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


6.1 None


7.1 Land Use Bylaw 603 (AG) – Truck and Rail Transloading Terminals Amendment.

MOTION # 2019-0175

Moved by Councillor Johnson that amendment to Land Use Bylaw # 603 be Tabled until we consult with Legal and more information is provided. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


8.1 Community Hall Update – Estimated cost of repairs.

  • Contractor looked at the report made last year and inspect the hall itself.
  • From his assessment, it is quite extensive and expensive, $60,000 - $100, 000.
  • Water is constantly pooling under the hall’s floors.
  • Recommended to close the Hall for the rest of the year.

8.2 Update on unsightly property.

  • The property is currently being dealt with to be boarded and fenced.
  • All necessary steps are taken to remediate the issues

8.3 Fire Chief designation for Fire inspection & Investigator – follow up.

  • The cost of having his designation and this time outweighs the benefits.

8.4 Spray Park update.

  • Water will cost the Town of Wembley now that it will be connected to Aquatera line
  • Reached out to Aquatera and the wastewater charge will be waived for the spray park
  • Looking into funding for future upgrades to the spray park

8.5 Source Energy Services – Landscaping Updates

  • Provided updates on landscaping updates that Source had recently completed
  • Follow up on Source for the rest of the residents’ concerns will be provided as received

8.6 Notice to Residents by Source – Appeal of ISDAB Decision date March 28, 2019

  • The Town of Wembley is upholding the ISDAB’s decision in the court.

8.7 IT Collaboration Study Update

  • Grant Funding from the County of Grande Prairie for Sexsmith, Beaverlodge, Hythe and Wembley.
  • To assess our IT services, in order to get everything updated.
  • The County Of Grande Prairie in Partnership with the IT Collaboration Study have chosen the company, Tantus to do the IT review.
  • Software that we can all use together, and will make it easier for us to communicate with other Municipalities.

8.8 OH & S Project Update

  • Funding Grant was given to Sexsmith, Hythe, Beaverlodge and Wembley.
  • Assess the OH&S compliance of each Municipality so we are up to date with are processes and procedures.
  • We can also see where our deficiencies are.

MOTION # 2019-0176
Moved by Councillor Underwood that the council Accepts the CAO Report as information. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY



9.1.1 Stacy Krahn memorial Motor Sports Park – Fencing request by Peace Country Off Road Racing Association.

  • Fence is being built

9.1.2 Peace County Off-Road Racing Association for Council approval

  • Agreement is being developed


MOTION # 2019-0177
Moved by Councillor McCallum that the council accepts the following reports be as information: CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

10.1 May 2019 Fire service report

10.2 Peace Officer and Animal Control Reports for the month of April and May 2019.

10.3 Peace Library System Board meeting highlights – May 25, 2019.

10.4 Peace Library System Annual Report – 2018.

10.5 FCSS Advisory Board Meeting Minutes.

10.6 Community Futures Grande Prairie & Region – Minutes April 11, 2019.


11.1 Stacy Krahn Memorial Mud Bog Poster.

11.2 Alberta Recreational & Parks Association.

11.3 Wembley Soapbox Derby Committee – August 24, 2019 request to close Street

MOTION # 2019-0178
Moved by Councillor Johnson to grant permission to the Wembley Soapbox Derby Committee to close part of the street by the Arena from approximately 9am - 2pm on August 24, 2019. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

11.4 Request to close part of 101 Street – Block Party.

MOTION # 2019-0179
Moved by Councillor Johnson to approve the Block Party on the condition they fill out the paperwork before the party. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

11.5 Tidewater construction Community Newsletter.

11.6 Email from Sarah Roberts.

11.7 Cannabis in the workplace-workshop- County of Grande Prairie, Business Support Network


12.1 Closed session regarding HR Matter. 8:32pm


Councillor Gunderson

  • Attended Ag Society Meeting, Library Meeting and Student Council Meeting.
  • Got everyone on Board for entering something into the Fall Fair on August 24 th .
  • Looking for Council to enter as well.

Councillor McCallum

  • Councillor accessibility with contact information for easy access to public, on Town of Wembley Website.
  • Consider an Open House every 6 months.

Councillor Johnson

  • Update on GPREP
  • Been activated since May 20 th .
  • They did an amazing job on the evacuation of High level, they were very well organized.
  • Our investment was well worth it.
  • On their deployment High Level took very good care them.
  • High Level is a very organized Community.

Councillor Guimond

  • Honored to have presented on June 4 Th , at the Beaverlodge High School Graduation.

Councillor Underwood

  • Pleased to see the sinkhole taken care of at the School.
  • Reached out to Leah Holler about Lemonade Day, no one in Wembley signed up.
  • Public Library has purchased a 3D printer.

Mayor Turnmire

  • Attended Aquatera WW tour on May 30 TH , Quite Impressive.
  • Aquatera will take over Wastewater July 1 st.
  • On June 6, he attended the Museum AGM.
  • Shareholders Meeting happening June 19 th for Aquatera.
  • He attended and Judged Lemonade Day on June 22nd.

MOTION # 2019-0180
Moved by Councillor Guimond that the council recess for five minutes at 8:25pm. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOTION # 2019-0181
Moved by Councillor Gunderson to go into a closed session at 8:32pm. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


MOTION # 2019-0182
Moved by Councillor Johnson that the meeting be adjourned at 8:57 p.m. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY