Feb 9, 2016


of the Town of Wembley, in the Province of Alberta
held in the Wembley Municipal Office
this 8th day of February, 2016.


  1. CALL-TO-ORDER Mayor Turnmire called the meeting to order at 6:56 p.m.

  • Councillor Holler
  • Councillor Jones
  • Councillor Moncrieff
  • Councillor Anaka
  • CAO Lori Parker
  • Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux
  • Regrets: Councillor Robichaud
  • Councillor Johnson



MOTION # 2016-0029

Moved by Councillor Holler that the agenda be adopted as presented.



MOTION # 2016-0030

Moved by Councillor Jones that the minutes of the regular meeting held on January 25, 2016 be adopted as presented.



4.1 Wembley Mayhem

  • Seam McCallum, President of the Wembley Mayhem Foundation thanked Council for giving him the opportunity to present the idea of a Mud Bog/Derby/Music Festival that the committee has been working hard on organizing for the weekend of July 30 – 31, 2016.

  • The group has been working with Grande Prairie Regional Tourism, Alberta Tourism, Peace Country Off Road Racing Association and local sponsors to try and arrange the music festival.

  • A drop dead date of February 29, 2016 has been set and if all financial commitments and band arrangements have not been met by this date the committee will scale down the event for this year and plan a bigger festival for the following year.

  • The highest concerns for the event outlined by the committee are security, safety and respect for surrounding area residents. There will be on site fire and rescue along with medics and RCMP presence.

  • At this time the committee is looking for support from the Town by way of permission to use the property and possibly the development of another approach onto the property in the south east corner near the tree line to make drive through entry and exit points to prevent bottleneck.

  • Once everything is approved and the go ahead is confirmed ticket sales will start and then at that point the need for on-site camping and parking will be looked at more closely.


4.2 George Jacobs, Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

  • Mr. Jacobs thanked Mayor and Council for the opportunity to update them on what’s been going on at the museum over the last few months.

  • February 8, 2016 marked the one year occupancy date. He noted that the museum has seen sixty two thousand visitors in the last one hundred and eleven days. January was slow with the museum only seeing four thousand visitors.

  • Museum has received four awards in the last ten months and has had articles published in many prestigious media venues, featuring photographs taken by local photographer Marilyn Grubb, Chipabirdee Images.

  • New exhibits coming include, Tiny Titans, Dinosaur Eggs and Babies opening to the public on February 27, 2016 and then Dinosaurs in Flight opening in August of 2016.

  • Mr. Jacobs touched on future plans for expansions, programming and advertising.

  • Museum has been booking private functions, such as the 55 North Conference as well as birthday parties, staff parties and will be looking into use of the Museum as a Wedding Venue.

  • Mr. Jacobs noted that the Dine O’ Saur Restaurant and the Gift Shop are both doing well.

  • Museum will be hosting a Professorship in Paleontology starting this spring, allowing the facility to offer more teaching, research and education opportunities. There will be lab space in the museum and with the Professorship the museum will be equipped to process specimens from the bone bed directly at the museum.

  • Mr. Jacobs advised that he is continually working on grant funding and pursuing funds through Provincial and Federal funding options.


MOTION # 2016-0031

Moved by Councillor Anaka that the Town of Wembley enter into an agreement with the Wembley Mayhem Foundation for the Mud bog Music Festival being held on July 30 & 31, 2016. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


MOTION # 2016-0032

Moved by Councillor Anaka to take a five minute recess.


MOTION # 2016-0033

Moved by Councillor Moncrieff to come out of recess.



5.1 Accounts Payable

MOTION # 2016-0034

Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that the accounts payable, as identified in Schedule “A”, cheque # 20160073 to cheque # 20160124 totaling $113,227.91 be ratified. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

5.2 Revenue and Expenses and Monthly Statement for the month of January 2016.

MOTION # 2016-0035

Moved by Councillor Anaka that the Revenue and Expense and Monthly Statement for the month of January 2016 be accepted as presented. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


6.1 None



7.1 ACP – Intermunicipal Grant Applications

  • CAO Parker advised that the ACP grants for the Fire Rescue Truck and the Regional Water Line preliminary designs and regulatory approval were both submitted on time and extended a thank you to Fire Chief Bruyere for help.



8.1 2016 AUMA Conference – Five hotel rooms booked at Delta Hotel – October 4, 2016 – October 7, 2016.

  • CAO Parker advised that the hotel rooms have been confirmed.

8.2 Growing the North Conference – February 17th & 18th, 2016.

8.3 Public Information release re: Water

  • CAO Parker asked Council if they would approve Administration releasing tidbits of information regarding the progress of the water treatment plants and providing residents with factual information as the project progresses. Council had no objection.



MOTION # 2016-0036

Moved by Councillor Anaka that the following report be accepted as information: CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


9.1 Minutes of the Public Works/Water Committee meeting held on February 3, 2016.

  • Councillor Moncrieff asked for clarification as to whether a decision has been made regarding Well # 4 & 5. CAO Parker advised that it is the recommendation of Public Works Foreman Aaron Halwa to investigate the relining option for the wells and is looking into costs associated with that process.

9.2 Minutes of the FCSS Advisory Board Meeting held on January 20, 2016.

  • Mayor Turnmire noted that he appreciates seeing the attached reports from the local program groups.

9.3 County Enforcement Services and Animal Control reports for the month of January 2016.



    1. Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association – Proclamation

MOTION # 2016-0037

Moved by Councillor Moncrieff that Mayor Turnmire hereby proclaim the month of March 2016 as Fraud Prevention Month.


    1. County of Grande Prairie No. 1 Subdivision & Rezoning Referral Notice.

MOTION # 2016-0038

Moved by Councillor Anaka that the Council of the Town of Wembley has no objection to County File # PLSUB20160014, Legal Land Description; Pt. SW-28-71-8-W6M, proposed rezoning AG to RM-4.


    1. 18th Annual Swan Festival request for sponsorship.

MOTION # 2016-0039

Moved by Councillor Anaka that the Town of Wembley support the 18th Annual Swan Festival with a $500.00 sponsorship.


    1. Alberta Parks – Invitation to attend the opening evening of the 18th Annual Swan Festival.

    2. Silver & Gold Pioneer Club – Financial support for 2016.

  • Moved to budget deliberations.



    1. Intermunicipal Meeting – Wembley to host in March/April.

  • Possible meeting dates, March 23rd, April 5th, 12th or 13th. CAO Parker will submit dates and advise Council once a date is finalized.



12.1 None



CAO Parker

  • Advised that auditors will be starting Tuesday, February 9, 2016 and will be in the office all week.

Councillor Holler

  • Advised that the new Lectern for the Community Hall has come in. It has a cordless and an attached mic as well as built in sound system.

Mayor Turnmire

  • Participated in Literacy Week by reading to the students at the Wembley Elementary School on January 26, 2016.

  • Advised that the information on the Royalty Review has been sent out.

  • Asked if anyone had contacted the office from First Student Bus Line regarding their bus parking policies. Administrative Assistant Tanya Lamouroux noted no one had returned her call yet.

  • Advised that the Chamber of Commerce had been out to the Town Office earlier that day with the Towns five year membership certificate.



MOTION # 2015-0040

Moved by Councillor Jones that the meeting be adjourned at 8:59 p.m.