Water and Sewer - Sewer Service Connection Repair Policy # WS2


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Policy Department:


Water and Sewer


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Public Works



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Adoption Date:

May 23, 2008


Revision Date:

September 25, 2017


Policy Title:

Sewer Service Connection Repair

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  1. “Property Owner” shall mean the registered land-owner of the property.

  2. “Procedures” shall mean instructions on how to carry out the intent of a Town Policy.

  3. “Service Line” (service lateral) shall mean the sewer that connects a house or building to the sanitary sewer mainline.



The following Policy deals with the backup of sanitary sewer into private residences and businesses.  It is intended to cover only sanitary sewer backup and is not applicable to the storm water drainage system.


  1. First Response

    Upon receipt of a complaint, the Town shall check to determine if the sanitary sewer main servicing affecting property is flowing normally.


  2. Mains

    1. If the sanitary sewer backup has its origins within the sanitary sewer main, the Town is responsible for all the costs required to restore the sewer to proper operating conditions.


    2. Any backup into basements are not the responsibility of the Town.  No claims for compensations shall be considered unless negligence can be proven on the part of the Town, its employees or authorized representatives.


    3. If the Town or its agents are proven negligent and have caused the backup, the Town pays all costs including those that incurred on private property.


    4. If any property owner incurs damages to a property or building due to a sanitary sewer main backup and the owner wishes to claim compensation, the owner must submit a written claim to the Town’s Insurance Company only if there is a case of negligence.



  3. Services – Private

    If no problems are found with the sanitary sewer main, the Town shall advise the owner;


  1. To obtain the services of a plumber to check the sanitary sewer service to determine the nature and type of blockage.


  2. If the blockage is located on private property, ie: between the property line and the basement, the owner is responsible for all costs associated with the sewer repair and backup.


     4.  Services – Town

If the plumber determines that the blockage is beyond the property line, ie: between the property line and the sanitary main, the following conditions will apply;


  1. If the blockage is caused by grease, hair and other foreign objects found in the sanitary sewer service causing the blockage, the owner is responsible for all the costs;


  2. If the blockage is caused by a collapsed or misaligned service line on town property, the Town will pay all cost to repair the sewer service on town property, including the plumbing costs incurred by the owner to discover the cause of the problem.  The Town will not be responsible for any cleanup of basement for sewer that has backed up into the basement unless negligence can be shown.


 5.  Sewer Blockage – Due to Root Buildup

  1. Root blockage of sanitary sewer mains shall be dealt with as per under

    Section 2 b) dealing with Mains;


  2. Root blockage of a sewer service on private property will be the responsibility of the property owner.  The Town will assist in determining the most appropriate treatment for the problem. 


  3. Root blockage of a sewer service when on town property will be the responsibility of the town.

     6.  Town Assistance to Private Property Owners

  1. To assist in the determination in the cause of a sanitary sewer blockage, the owner may request a camera inspection of the sanitary sewer service.  The cost of the inspection will be borne by the party responsible for the sewer repair.


  2. Property Owners are urged to consult a certified plumber regarding the installation of a backup flow preventer valve on their sewer service if they feel there is unwarranted risk of flooding their basement.


  3. That property owners are encouraged to adequately be covered under their own owner policy for sewer backups.