Public Works - Development on Boulevard and Vacant Town Properties Polciy # PW16


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Public Works


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Adoption Date:

May 12, 2000


Revision Date:

September 25, 2017


Policy Title:

Development on Boulevard and Vacant Town Properties

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 Where there is a sidewalk

No planting of trees or placing of permanent items.  Portable flower pots only.  All items on boulevard must be removed prior to snowfall.


Where there is no sidewalk on boulevard

Permanent objects (trees or flowerbeds, rocks, etc.) must be located no closer than 10 feet from the curb.  No wide spreading trees or trees with extensive root system such as poplars.


Street intersection corners

Set back 25 feet for anything which may intrude on viewing of traffic including all trees and shrubs.


Driveway access

No trees or objects that could block the view are to be placed within 10 feet from curb.


Utility lines

The town must be given detailed plans for any trees to be planted on boulevards and open town property so Public Works can check that they are not locating over utility lines.  Alberta 1 Call to be contacted by developer to have power, gas and telephone lines located.


Adjacent property owner’s permission

Written permission to be turned in to the Town Office from property owners whose property is adjacent to the boulevard where permanent objects such as trees or retainers are being placed.


Town responsibility

The town accepts no responsibility for damage done to any objects on boulevards during snow removal or grass maintenance.  It is not the responsibility of the Town of Wembley or its employees to do maintenance on any development on the boulevard or vacant town property.