Public Works - Half-Mast Flag Policy # PW18


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Public Works


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September 24, 2017


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September 25, 2017


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Half-Mast Flag Policy

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Flying of flags at half-mast is a strong visual statement that speaks to the sense of loss shared by all citizens.

The Town of Wembley’s Half-Mast Flag Policy is adapted to incorporate practices by bot Alberta Protocol and Canadian Heritage.



The purpose is to establish a policy when flags at the Town of Wembley Town Office will be half-masted to ensure the Town’s practice is exercised in a consistent and appropriate manner.



  • The National Flag of Canada and the Provincial Flag of Alberta will only be half-masted on those flagpoles fitted with halyards and pulleys.

  • The Town of Wembley will half-mast the Municipal Flag on specific occasions to commemorate a solemn occasion.

  • The lowering of flags to half-mast only at the directive of:

    • The Prime Minister’s Office acting through Canadian Heritage (Canadian Flag)

    • The Premier’s Office acting through Alberta Protocol (Alberta Flag)

    • The Chief Administrative Officer’s Office (Municipal Flag)

  • On the occasion of death of the current Chief Administrative Officer or a current Council member of the Town of Wembley the Canadian Flag, Provincial Flag and Municipal Flag are to be lowered to half-mast from the time of notification of death until after the funeral.

  • The Municipal Fag will be half-mask from the time of notification of death until 900 hours on the day following the funeral or memorial service or a maximum of five days if no funeral or memorial service is held when:

    • a Town employee dies in the line of duty;

    • a member of the Town of Wembley Fire Department, City of Grande Prairie Fire Department, County of Grande Prairie No. 1 Fire Department, Town of Beaverlodge Fire Department, Town of Sexsmith Fire Department or the Village of Hythe Fire Department dies in the line of duty;

    • a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a member of the City of Grande Prairie Enforcement Services or a member of the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 Enforcement Services dies in the line of duty;

    • a former member of Council; and

    • a significant event or circumstance arises the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer will make a decision on a case by case basis.