Water To Wembley

Watermain flushing in Town of Wembley

Watermain flushing is one of the steps Aquatera takes in delivering trusted quality, valued service and peace of mind to our customers. This process keeps water lines clear of corrosion, sediment and stagnant water.

Please be aware that when this work is being done in your area, the water may appear cloudy for 2 to 3 minutes after the lines are flushed. Aquatera recommends that customers simply run their taps until the cloudiness is gone, collecting the water in a container that can then be used for other purposes such as watering plants.


On January 1, 2019, Wembley became Aquatera’s newest Shareholder. Aquatera now owns and operates the water treatment and distribution system ensuring the community has reliable and high quality water. In July 2019, the wastewater (sewer) treatment and collection system was transfered over to Aquatera as well. To learn more about how this impacts and benefits residents and businesses in Wembley, please read the AQUATERA WATER TO WEMBLEY BUSINESS PLAN.

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