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Engine 611 - Type 1 Engine - Engine/Rescue 

Owned by: Town of Wembley  

Make: 2020 E-One Typhoon XL 

Pump: 1800 GPM  

Tank Capacity: 800 Gal. 

Primary Uses: Fire suppression, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Medical Co-Response, Hazardous Materials

Special Capabilities: Fully Electric Extrication Tools, Light Tower, 7 Person Capacity 

(This unit was purchased from the County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service in 2018 with money fundraised by the Wembley Firefighters Association. Grants were utilized for the replacement of the wildland skid which was installed in early 2022. Nearly every piece of this apparatus including the equipment housed within was purchased using donations and or grants.)

Brush 611 - Type 6 Engine 

Owned by: Town of Wembley 

Make: 2011 Ford F-550 (Former County of Grande Prairie Brush Unit) 

Pump: 100 GPM - Striker III

Tank Capacity: 300 Gal. 

Primary Uses: Wildland Firefighting, Frontline Medical Co-Response, Standing and Swift Water Rescue, Backcountry Rescue, Ice Rescue 

Special Capabilities: Swift Water Rescue, Slope Rescue, Ice Rescue, Back Country Rescue, Winch 

Rescue 611 - Walk Around Heavy Rescue 

Owned by: Town of Wembley 

Make: 2005 Spartan Crimson (Former West Licking Joint Fire District) 

Pump Output: N/A

Tank Capacity: N/A 

Primary Uses: Structural Firefighting, Extrication, Collapse, Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Heavy Vehicle Extrication

Special Capabilities:  SCBA Cascade System w/6 On-board Air Cylinders, Light Tower, Paratech Strut System, Heavy Duty Winching and Rigging 

Engine 601 - Type 3 Engine

Owned by: County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service 

Make: 2013 Pierce International 4x4 

Pump Output: 1200 GPM 

Tank Capacity: 850 Gal.  

Primary Uses: Structural Fire Suppression, Wildland Firefighting 

Special Capabilities: Front Wheel Assist, Lifted Chassis, Front Bumper Monitor, Pump and Roll Capable

Tender 601

Owned by: County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service 

Make: 2021 Maxi Freighliner M2 106 

Pump Output: 1020 GPM

Tank Capacity: 3500 Gal. 

Primary Uses: Water Shuttle, Fire Suppression

Special Capabilities: Pump and Roll Capable 

Wembley Zodiac

Owned by: Town of Wembley

Make: Zodiac

Length: 12 Feet 

Motor: 25 HP Yamaha 

Primary Uses: Swift Water & Standing Water Rescue 


Squad 611

Owned by: Town of Wembley 

Make: 2011 Ford Expedition

Primary Uses: Personnel Transportation, Previous Medical Co-Response Unit 

Car 601 

Owned by: Town of Wembley (Contracted to County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service) 

Make: 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe (Former County of Grande Prairie Enforcement Unit) 

Primary Uses: District Chief Response Vehicle 

(Pictured on the left, this pumper was purchased new in 1965 from the "Saskatoon Fire Engine Company". It was the first new truck the Wembley Fire Department had ever purchased. It is shown above next to our 2020 E-One Typhoon which is the second new purpose-built fire engine the Town had purchased in over 55 years. It is unknown what type of apparatus was used from 1950-1965. The 65' pumper remained operational until sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s. This pumper is long retired but remains in our possession as a restoration project. We are always looking for donations or help with the project, as we hope to restore this piece of firefighting and Wembley history.)

Wembley Pumper (Retired)

Owned by: Town of Wembley

Make: 1965 Dodge Front Mount Pumper (Purchased new from the "Saskatoon Fire Engine Company" in Calgary, AB)

Pump Output: UNK

Tank Capacity: UNK 

Retired: Late 1990 or Early 2000