Recycling In Wembley Information

Recycle in Wembley 

Curbside Recycling Program

Please watch for information inserts in your Aquatera Utility bill.

Since August 5, 2021

The Town of Wembley recycling program is changing. All residents will be given a blue recycling cart that "ALL" recyclables can be placed into.

Your collection day for mixed recyclables will be every Thursday of the month. Recycle carts are to be placed at the curb every Thursday for collection by 8:00 am. Please make sure they are placed one meter from any other objects.

Residents will be supplied with one blue cart labeled “Mixed Recyclables Only”.

For more information, please call 780.539.5950 or   visit

What Can Go Into The Recycling Cart?

What Should Not Go Into The Blue Mixed Recycling Cart?

Newsprint/Heavy Paper: Newspaper, Magazines, Phone Books, Catalogues, flyers

Soiled Paper: used tissue or Paper Towel, Pizza Boxes Smeared with Cheese, etc.

Mixed Papers: Office Paper, Junk Mail, Shredded Paper, etc.

Plastic Toys, Ceramics, Styrofoam, Diapers

Boxboard/ Cardboard: Cereal Boxes, Pasta Boxes, etc.

Glass: Of Any Kind

Plastic Containers: Food Containers, Beverage Containers, hard plastics #1 to #7, deposit items

Toxic Items: Batteries, Paint Cans, Aerosol Cans

Tin: Food Cans, Beverage Containers


Unrinsed or Soiled Containers



Scrap Metal or Wood



Food or Yard Waste



Electronics or Small Appliances