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Wembley Elementary School

Wembley Elementary School is a Kindergarten to Grade Three School, located in the town of Wembley Wembley Elementary School has a 2012-2013 enrollment of two hundred and seventeen students and a staff of eleven teachers and seven support staff. 

Wembley Elementary School features ten classrooms, organized around a central library. There is a computer lab equipped with over 30 IBM computers, as well as at least one computer in each classroom. This facility also has a full-sized gymnasium and a small school store. The playground has been updated to provide safe, outdoor areas for students to enjoy the outdoors. 

We are proud to outfit each classrooms with new desks or tables and chairs and have purchased SmartBoards and iPads for each Grade. As well, we are starting a "Breakfast Program" free for students.Some other annual initiatives that Wembley Elementary School has taken includes: continuous programs in language arts from grade 1 to grade 4. These programs such as Guided Reading, The Write Traits, Spelling and Fry, Handwriting Without Tears and Leveled Literacy Intervention help students develop a consistent language when they are learning to read and write. Another initiative taken by Wembley Elementary School is the play first lunch. Students get to go outside and play during the first part of their lunch and they come in and eat in the second half of their lunch. 

The students at Wembley Elementary School also take part in various cultural events such as the Festival of Trees, and the Telus Christmas Play. As well, we are excited to offer our students a Swimming Program for ALL Grade K-3 students, Shinny Program for Grade 3. Telus World of Science will visit us for 3 days in November and GPGymnicks come to WES for a week of gymnastics skill development in June.

One event, which helps create this atmosphere, is Wembley Elementary School’s monthly assembly. The Classroom Students of the Month Award is an opportunity to recognize students from each classroom who excels or who have shown growth in a particular area. Every month, a classroom showcases their talent in front of the school. 

Wembley Elementary School also recognizes students with their Gotcha awards. Students caught doing something good get a coupon that is put in their classroom bucket for a weekly draw. Then all the coupons are brought to the office and put in a bucket for a school wide monthly draw. At the end of the year we put all the coupons for the year into a container and we draw yearly prizes. 

Wembley Elementary School is supported by a dedicated School Council consisting of parents, teachers, principal, and a community representative. These individuals work together to promote the educational well being of all of our students. Some of the initiatives that our School Council has initiated include participant and the "Partners in Education” Volunteer program. 

Our "open-door” policy warmly invites parents and visitors to the school at anytime, so please do not hesitate to call or visit our school! Phone 780-766-2294.