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Strategic Plan

Town of Wembley Strategic Plan
Town Council has created a Strategic Plan to be used as a long-term planning document to guide both Council and Administration through the many projects and priorities that are to be accomplished. It is important that we keep you, our residents, informed of our plans and long-term vision.
In the Fall of 2021, the Strategic Plan went through extensive revisions, which include new Vision and Mission Statements, and expanded the Economic Prosperity section and other changes. The most recent version can be found below:

Town of Wembley Strategic Plan
Vision Statement:  
   “The heart of Wembley is a safe, caring viable community that treasures its rural community lifestyle while balancing the natural environment with economic prosperity. Wembley is the community of choice in the Heart of the Action.”
Mission Statement: 
               The Town of Wembley strives to provide a variety of services and program to the community in an efficient, cost-effective, and cooperative manner.
               To bring together People, Partnerships and Possibilities for a strong and vibrant community.
               A safe, livable, and sustainable community for our present and future residents.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding this plan or any of our initiatives, please contact our Office 780-766-2269 at or by email at